Multiply the height (ft) times the width (ft) of the surface area you are covering with Artis Wall. Divide that number by 20 to determine the number of boxes to order. Make sure to round up to the highest quantity for full coverage.

For your convenience, we provide a calculation calculator on each Artis Wall product page.

Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to our customer service team at 888-694-7181 or by email

Samples are now available! With free shipping, you can order an individual plank for $5, or order all three colors for $15. Choose your sample here!

The planks are 3/16″ thick, 5″ wide and come in variations of lengths.

Yes! Artis Wall planks are handcrafted from 100% authentic reclaimed wood and gathered from barns, buildings and snow fencing across the USA.

Yes. We de-nail each plank and kiln-dry. Kiln-drying makes the wood planks more stable.

Artis Wall is shipped in boxes that contain 20 square feet

Here at Artis Wall, we offer free shipping to the contiguous United States.

Yes. Artis Wall is available to ship around the globe.

All international orders MUST be placed over the phone. Please call us at (888)-694-7181 between 8AM and 5PM EST to place an international order.

Artis Wall is now available without our patented installation kit. This option provides the ability for you to test and determine the best solution for your surface or intended permanent situation. Such installation methods may include brad nails or construction adhesive.

Yes, you may hang pictures if your fastener goes through the plank and into the stud wall behind your drywall. Artis Wall planks are not designed to be weight bearing.

Artis Wall with installation kit is recommended for primed/painted surfaces, smooth wallpaper, or any smooth, flat and solid surface.

We now offer Artis Wall without our installation kit for alternative surfaces such as brick, cinder block, and rough surfaces, and even ceilings! This option provides the ability for you to test and determine the best solution for your surface.

We recommend that Artis Wall planks be kept out of direct sunlight, contact with moisture and away from high sources of heat.

Artis Wall is not recommended for use with porous or uneven surfaces which include but are not limited to-brick wall, cinder block, and unclean or rough surfaces.

Artis Wall is designed for indoor use only.

Artis Wall is not designed for use on ceilings

A beautiful application for Artis Wall is around a fire place. Please insure you are installing the planks around a code approved fire place and they will not come into direct contact with the heat. Please note Artis Wall should not be applied to any surface that exhibits heat.

Artis Wall is not recommended for rooms with high humidity levels or where the planks may come into contact with water.

Artis Wall is recommended for smooth, primed and painted surfaces, smooth wallpaper or any smooth, flat and solid surface.

Artis Wall is made from authentic reclaimed wood which needs time to equalize to the relative humidity in the room. Allowing the planks this time to adjust to your room will help prevent the planks from warping.

No. You only need some hand tools such as, a utility knife, tape measure, straight edge, scissors and a pencil or pen.

Using a utility knife and a straight edge, just score both sides of plank and snap off.

Mark the plank to accommodate fitting in that space. Then, using your utility knife, slowly cut your plank along the mark. You may need to go over it several times with the utility knife to get a nice cut.

Yes. Included in your kit there is some extra feet of A.I.M. Strip. Should you need additional material, there are 10 foot strips available for purchase. Shop additional A.I.M. Strip.

Grab the top of the plank using both hands and slide your fingers along the A.I.M. strip and behind the plank while slowly pulling the plank away from the wall.

Starting with the top of the A.I.M. strip carefully peel off a corner and begin peeling the strip down slowly at a 45 degree angle to the right.

Here at Artis Wall, we have a 30-day from purchase, no questions-asked return policy. Please contact us at 888-694-7181 and we will send you a new product as soon as we receive the original. Artis Wall will not cover shipping charges on returns, but we will send you a new product at no charge.

All items must be returned with all included accessories and in original packaging. If the product is returned without the original packaging, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. All returns and exchanges are included in this restocking fee if the product is returned without the original packaging.

For damaged items during shipping, please call us at (888) 694-7181.

Artis Wall does not have a warranty for the product.