Dare to Compare—Artis Wall vs. Peel and Stick

Us: Artis Wall®—Repositionable, Removable, Reusable—Damage-free

Them: Peel and Stick


Save your walls! If you take a look through online blogs about wood wall installation, you can find a lot of different and complicated methods. Most have the same challenges: they aren’t authentic, they’d be challenging to install, require expensive tools, and all of them are permanent. This makes it impossible to remove them without destroying walls.


With Artis Wall, you can say “goodbye” to those old, complicated methods and say “hello” to simple, beautiful accent walls in minutes.


All you have to do is ask yourself—would you rather deal with the old, complicated, and messy installation and removal process or a simple, quick, and clean installation and removal/reusable method with Artis Wall?


We are the only removable, reusable, damage-free product available. Great for home and office, both owners and renters.


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