Welcome to the new Waddell MFG Website!
23 April 2015

Welcome to the new Waddell MFG Website!


We are proud to launch our new website this week.  We've gathered tons of feedback and believe we have created the best shopping experience possible.  Here's a short list of some of the changes:


  • No more hunting for products!  Items are conveniently bundled into one master item so that you can start at the same place every time.  Want a 36" dowel?  Click Dowels, and select your size and species from the dropdown menu.  It's that easy!
  • A fresh new look.  A more modern and simplistic browsing experience.  Less clutter, more content.  Check out our new logo!
  • Mobile version.  Special condensed version for smarthphones and tablets.


So how did we do?  We would love to hear feedback!  Shop Waddell Bun Feet


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